Minutes – 12/06/18




Present; Chairman – V Clare

Councillors – A Wilson, B Rogerson, J Fletcher, T Scott, D Dundas, D Gelsthorpe, M Alexander

Derbyshire Constabulary – PCSO K Pykett – during the public session

Members of the Public – Mr and Mrs Whittall (Garfield Ave) – during the public session. Mrs S Butcher (Clerk and RFO designate).



67/18. Apologies- Councillors A McCandless and R Parkinson (DCC)

68/18. Variation of Order of Business – none

69/18. Declaration of Members Interests – none

70/18. Dispensations – none

71/18. Public Speaking –

Leisure Green – Mr and Mrs Whittall attended the meeting to raise concerns about the leylandii trees at the Leisure Green and to request that they be reduced in height. They also raised concerns about the anti-social behaviour on the Leisure Green. Councillors and PCSO Pykett detailed works carried out previously to improve the area including work carried out to reduce the height of the trees in 2016 (see Minute 75/18).

Councillor Dundas asked about access for mobility scooters at the playing fields. She was informed that the entrance adjacent to the pavilion provided the best access.

Derbyshire Constabulary – PCSO Pykett had provided a written report detailing 9 crimes and 11 ASB’s. She also discussed with Councillors anti-social behaviour in the village and how it compares with other villages in the locality.

Erewash Borough Council – Cllr Clare reported on EBC matters.

Councillor Rogerson reported on his attendance at a Scout Executive meeting.

72/18. Minutes – RESOLVED to confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meetings held on the 8 May 2018 and 12 June.

73/18 To determine which items if any from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with

the public excluded. – none

74/18 Chairman’s Announcements. – the Chairman asked for Councillors to assist at the Band Concert. She also asked for a Councillor to take information to the DCC Archives in Matlock – Councillor Scott volunteered to go.

75/18 Report of the Parish Clerk –

a)Leisure Green – RESOLVED to refuse the request to carry out works to the leylandii trees. The residents to be informed that they are welcome to carry out any ‘cutting back’ they wish from their property.
b)Draycott in Bloom – RESOLVED to refuse the request to site the ‘Draycott wheel’ on the Leisure Green.             c) Seat at Draycott Playing Fields – RESOLVED to approve the request from a resident to install a seat at the Playing Fields                                                                                                                                                                                                              d) Play scheme – RESOLVED to note that a play scheme will be held for 4 weeks over the school holidays (commencing 30 July 2018).                                                                                                                                                                            e) Bank Signatories – RESOLVED that with effect from the 14 July 2018 – i) Co-operative Bank – to remove Valerie Lewis from the list and add Sheena Butcher. ii)Nationwide Bank signatories to be Councillors Rogerson, Clare and Wilson plus Sheena Butcher  – with 2 Councillors plus Clerk being required to sign.                                        f)Parish Clerk arrangements; i) Gratuity – RESOLVED that the following payments be made to Mrs Lewis in accordance with guidance from the Council’s accountants; – £698.27(through the PAYE system) and £1745.68. ii)Derbyshire County Council Pension Scheme – RESOLVED that Draycott and Church Wilne Parish Council agree to nominate Mrs Sheena Butcher for inclusion in the Local Government Pension Scheme administered by Derbyshire County Council.

76/18 Finance –

a) Accounts for payment and receipts since the last meeting.



Direct Debits –

JWP – Web-site Management                                     35.25

Erewash Borough Council – Rates- Cemetery               52.00

Eon – elec – Parish Rooms                                           29.42

Eon – elec – Pavilion                                                   19.66

Eon – elec – Pavilion                                   20.77

Elson and Hall – newsletters                                    240.00

Fox Grounds Maintenance – Gds Maintenance          822.86

Staff salary and wages                                            1863.95

Petty cash                                                                    7.39

St Chad’s Fishing club – litter picking                            80.00

GB Water – Legionella testing                                       42.00

Paul Guyll – grounds maintenance                               592.00

Ist Draycott & W Scout Group – newsletter delivery        50.00 GP of C

RBL – Poppy Appeal – donation – 56 Event poppies               168.00 GP of C

V Clare – Chairmans Allowance                                   300.00

Water Plus Ltd – Pavilion                                              30.24

Excel Office Equipment – stationery                                         10.46

Pictorial Ltd – Cemetery sign                                      672.00

Fox Grounds Maintenance – Gds Maintenance          822.86



Ashes interment                                                         50.00

Horobin memorials – ashes plaque                              40.00

DVLFC – football fees                                                50.00

Lovell FC – football fees                                         100.00

STFC – football fees                                               150.00

Erewash BC – play scheme grant                             1200.00

Draycott & LE TT Club – rent                                    672.00

Alpha memorials – headstone                                     65.00

1st Draycott & Wilne Scout Group                              116.00

b) Financial Statement – RESOLVED to note the statement


77/18 Planning – RESOLVED to approve the RECOMMENDATIONS from the Planning Committee meeting on the 12 June 2018.

a)Applications – ERE/0518/0029 – 41 Attewell Close, Draycott, ERE/0518/0040 – 14 Garfield Avenue, Draycott, ERE/0418/0006 – 37 Derby Road, Draycott – no objections                                                                                                                  b) Amended plans – ERE/0418/0005 – 69 Walter Street, Draycott, – no objections                                                                c) Approvals – ERE/0318/0056 – 101 Station Road, Draycott

78/18 DALC Circulars – 7/2018

79/18 Items for Information – The Clerk, Clerks and Councils Direct, EBC- Agenda, DCC – Libraries for Derbyshire – Public Library Service Strategy Consultation (by e-mail), EBC – Rural Community Grant information (by e-mail), ICCM, CPRE, EBC Today, DCC – letter to resident about footpaths in Draycott








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