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ANNUAL REPORT NEWSLETTER – please download a copy of the newsletter for 2017 using the link;

Annual Report Newsletter 2017

FREE DOG BAGS – are available from Draycott Off licence (Station Road), Sue’s News (Victoria Road) and the Parish Rooms (Elvaston Street). Please note you must be a Draycott resident.

Community speedwatch – our PCSO Karen Pykett carries out regular speed checks in the village. She would like your help. If you would like to help keep speeds down in the village and have a few minutes to spare now and again please contact the Parish Clerk and she will pass your details on to Karen.

Meetings in 2017 – to find out when the Parish Council meetings are in 2017 please visit the ‘Meetings’ page on the web-site.

Annual Parish Meeting Newsletter 2017 – a copy can be downloaded using the link below;



Work has been completed on the exciting project to improve facilities for older children and teenagers at the Millennium Green.

Additional play equipment  aimed for older children and ‘self closing’ gates have been installed on the play area and a low level cycle track on the ‘teenage area’.

The project has cost over £32,000 with funding coming from the Big Lottery (Awards For All), Erewash Borough Council – Rural Community Grant, Erewash CVS, Embrace Derbyshire (Locko Fund), EBC Councillors V Clare and A McCandless, DCC Councillor R Parkinson and Draycott Parish Council.


The Foundation offers educational grants to young people from 18-24 years who live, or parents live, in five local parishes including DRAYCOTT. For more details and an application form please contact the Clerk to the Trustees – Margaret Giller on 01332 883361.


Details of local walks can be found by clicking the following link and looking at the section – ‘Details of lovely walks in Erewash’



News from the Friends of St Chad’s



DERBY AND SANDIACRE CANAL TRUST – Draycott Canal Restoration Project – to find out how the project is progressing and to pledge your support – please open the link below.

Draycott Canal Restoration Project



Gold Card holders are reminded to check validity dates on their cards as thousands are due to expire in the next few months.

Gold Card is Derbyshire’s equivalent of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) which allows older and people with certain disabilities to travel free-of-charge, off-peak on local buses.

It can also be used to get discounts at around 700 local shops and businesses and to borrow items from any Derbyshire or Derby city library.

Most Gold Cards are valid for five years. Around 108,000 of the 185,000 cards currently in circulation will need renewing soon – with the majority expiring in September and October 2017.

Existing Gold Card holders who haven’t yet received a new card, and whose card expires within the next two months, are now urged to renew their cards online. This can be done at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/renewyourgoldcard

Councillor Trevor Ainsworth, Derbyshire County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “Cards are issued automatically when the personal information we hold exactly matches electoral data. Where we haven’t been able to check this cardholders will have to renew themselves.”

Councillor Ainsworth added: “It is simple to renew and in the first week around 500 Gold Card holders have successfully requested new cards. I would encourage others to follow this lead so they can continue to benefit from free travel and other discounts.”

The form can be completed by Gold Card holders whose circumstances have not changed since they were issued with their current card and disabled cardholders who do not need to show continuing proof of eligibility.

Any cardholder whose circumstances have changed since they were issued with their present card – for example cardholders who have moved address within Derbyshire or changed their name – cannot apply online.

Cardholders are encouraged to complete the online form themselves or with help from family or friends. Online renewals can also be made at Derbyshire libraries where staff can help if needed.

Anyone unable to renew online should get in touch with their district, borough or Derby City Council – the local council area where council tax is paid.

First-time Gold Card applicants will need to complete a different application form. This can be downloaded at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/goldcard.  Printed copies are also available at local council offices or Derbyshire libraries.

Details of proof required to confirm applicants’ eligibility is listed in the application form.

Cardholders who move out of Derbyshire are no longer eligible for a Gold Card but can still apply for the equivalent in their new local authority area.

DCC Gold Card Bus Poster A4 – V3-HR


Are you confused about whether or not you can recycle aerosol cans? Or perhaps you are perplexed by plastics and what goes in which bin?

Whatever your questions about waste and recycling they can be answered by our experts in a new campaign launched today by Derbyshire County Council at the start of National Recycling Week.

Our campaign is designed to bust common myths about recycling including:

MYTH – Recycling uses more energy than it saves.

FACT – Up to 95% less energy is needed to make new products using recycled materials.

MYTH – Rinsing out recyclables is a waste of water and energy.

FACT – No it isn’t! Making sure bottles and other food and drinks packaging are completely empty and giving them a quick rinse before recycling is one of the most useful things you can do because it stops other recyclables from being contaminated. Use the water from the washing up or pop them into the dishwasher if there’s space.

MYTH – Aerosol cans can’t be recycled.

FACT – Empty aerosol cans can be recycled using your recycling bins or bags. Metal can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing quality.

MYTH – It doesn’t matter if you put the wrong things in your recycling as it all gets sorted out anyway.

FACT – If the wrong things are sent for recycling they can contaminate the whole load. This might mean all the materials are sent for disposal instead of recycling or that the quality and value of the new recyclable materials produced are lower and are less attractive to the manufacturing industry.

MYTH – If it doesn’t all fit in your recycling bin it won’t get recycled.

FACT – You can put out extra recycling alongside your main recycling bins or bags on collection day. Contact your district or borough council to check the best way to present your additional recycling. If you are a large family you may be eligible for an extra recycling bin so please ask your district/borough council.

MYTH – There’s no point separating your recycling into different materials, it all gets mixed together in the recycling lorry anyway.

FACT – Some refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) have separate compartments close together within the vehicle. So when materials are loaded it can look like separated recyclables are being mixed together when in fact they’re entering separate compartments.

Recyclables are processed at special recycling centres where materials such as paper, cans and plastics are sorted by machines and by hand. The separated materials are then bought by companies who can make them into new products.

Once you’re all clued up try our online quiz for the chance of winning one of three stylish Joseph Joseph indoor recycling bins worth nearly £200 each*.

Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Support Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure Councillor Trevor Ainsworth, said:

“Waste is a big problem and the more that can be recycled the better.

“This campaign aims to get rid of some of the common myths about recycling and should make people more confident that they are doing the right thing.

“Dealing with Derbyshire’s waste cost the county council nearly £38million in 2015/16 and these costs are rising.

“So the more people reduce, reuse and recycle the more we can save on these costs”.

Get the facts and enter the competition at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/wastemyths.

Got a recycling question that needs answering? We can help:

There is a useful A-Z list of what can and can’t be recycled at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/recycling

Submit your question by email to wastemanagement@derbyshire.gov.uk

Find out more about National Recycling Week at www.wrap.org.uk

*Competition is only open to Derbyshire County Council residents and closes on Tuesday 31 October 2017

Posters (FINAL VERSIONS) 18 September 2017 (no crop mark


Flu is a common infectious illness spread by coughs and sneezes. It can be very unpleasant, but you’ll usually begin to feel better within about a week.

However for young children, people aged over 65, people with long-term health conditions and pregnant women flu can be far more serious.

It can lead to serious health complications including bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections.

That’s why all children in reception class and school years one, two, three and four will be offered a free nasal flu vaccine at school.

Younger children aged two and three, older people and pregnant women can receive their free vaccination at their GP’s surgery.

Keep you and your family healthy and well this winter by making sure they get their flu vaccination.

To find out more visit NHS Choices here http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/flu/Pages/Introduction.aspx

parents of 1 and 2 year olds

long term conditions poster

pregnancy poster

MOBILE LIBRARY TIMETABLE – please click on timetable below.

Southern Mobile Library Routes until 26 January 2018





New bus services funded by Derbyshire County Council have taken to the road – and they’re free for Gold Card holders.

Derbyshire Connect ‘shopping’ buses went into service on Monday 2 October. They replace the Dial-a-Bus (DAB) services previously run on behalf of the council by the county’s six community transport groups.

The new Derbyshire Connect minibus services will initially operate in the same way as the old-style DAB services. They will run door-to-door picking up passengers from home and taking them to an agreed destination – such as local shops, the bank, post office, chemist or supermarket.

Every community in Derbyshire will have the opportunity for the weekly shopping trip.

Gold Card holders can travel free-of-charge after 9.30am – previously they paid a £3 flat rate return fare.

Councillor Trevor Ainsworth, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Support Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “These new Derbyshire Connect buses will continue to provide essential journeys to local shops and supermarkets. We recognise that they are vital for people who are unable to use conventional bus services because of mobility difficulties or because they live in areas where public transport is limited which is why we are committed to continue their funding.”

Councillor Ainsworth added: “We know from feedback that Gold Card is a highly thought of scheme and I am pleased to announce that fares have been scrapped on this service for cardholders and they will now be able to make their shopping journeys free-of-charge.”

Derbyshire Connect shopping buses are being run by Ashbourne Community Transport in the south and west of the county and Community Transport for Town and County (CT4TC) in the north and east.


The re-named Derbyshire Connect Active Travel services also start at the same time to take people to healthcare-related appointments.

They take people by car, rather than minibus, to medical appointments and are being run by various organisations on behalf of the council.

South Derbyshire Community Volunteers Service, based in Swadlincote, is providing journeys to medical appointments in South Derbyshire and in the south of the Derbyshire Dales.

Ashbourne Community Transport, Erewash Community Transport, based in Ilkeston, and Community Transport Swadlincote are running services to healthcare appointments in Amber Valley and Erewash.

And Carry Care − a specialist healthcare transport provider based in Eckington – is putting on Active Travel services in Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire.

Bakewell and Eyam Community Transport, based in Bakewell, The Bureau − Glossop’s voluntary and community network – New Mills Volunteer Centre and Voluntary and Community Services Peaks and Dales, based in Ashbourne and Buxton, are taking passengers to medical appointments in the High Peak and north Derbyshire Dales.

The scheme, which is currently known as aCTive Travel, is a paid for service. Users will continue to pay for the service, but fees may vary from those currently charged. Gold Cards cannot be used.

For more information and details on how to book www.derbyshire.gov.uk/derbyshireconnect

For more information on either service please click onto the link below;

F_DERB_0052 Derbyshire Connect DL_CT4TC_HR


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